Your posture is important advises our chiropractor in Abergavenny

posture advice from our chiropractor abergavenny“Stand up straight!”, “Stop slouching!”, “Sit up!” – at some time in our lives we’ve all probably heard this advice, right? Probably from a frustrated parent or school teacher. This advice was probably premised on making us look better and more attentive – which is certainly the case. However, as a chiropractor, I can’t stress enough how important a good posture is to your back and overall health.

Many of the patients who visit me at Abergavenny Back and Neck Clinic suffering back pain are unaware that their posture can be a contributory factor to their suffering.

A major step towards preventing back pain is having and maintaining a good posture. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to transform your posture.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has developed a 3 minute programme designed to promote balance, strength and flexibility in your spine and help prevent back pain. This programme is called Straighten Up UK.

The programme has three sessions with a series of easy to learn and do exercises to be done daily in 3 minutes: Warm Up, Posture Care and Finish.

Each exercise has been incorporated with a specific purpose. The exercises can all be adapted to suit your age and capabilities. You should discuss the exercises with your chiropractor, GP or other health care provider should you have any concerns or are new to exercising.

You Straighten Up UK video below will take you through the exercise programme – so what are you waiting for!



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