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Since the Abergavenny Back & Neck Clinic was established in 2000 we have been helping people like you get back to their best.



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Have you been putting off seeking help?

Do you try and ignore symptoms you hope will go away?

The longer you struggle with symptoms the more difficult it can be to ultimately help.

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Do you long to resume a normal life?

Our aim is to help you to help yourself back to where you wish to be, through treatment and advice. Chiropractic is so often the answer.


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Unsure whether we can help?

Call for a no obligation chat and opinion with our chiropractor who can often advice on the spot if treatment would be useful for you.


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Who and what does our Abergavenny Chiropractor treat?

From the young to the young at heart, at Abergavenny Chiropractic we offer advice, care and prevention. Chiropractic specialises in treating disorders of the spine and neck, and the further effects of these such as sciatica, pins and needles, headaches and shoulder/arm problems. At Abergavenny chiropractic we are experts in the examination and diagnosis of most common biomechanical complaints of the spine and joints. Chiropractors are fully qualified, licensed and regulated as primary healthcare specialists


Can chiropractic help me?

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Our Clinic’s Philosophy


Our approach is to work with you in a way that best suits you. At all times we strive to provide a caring and friendly environment where you feel relaxed and confident that you are being cared for as an individual.


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A Convenient Location To Receive High Quality Chiropractic Care in Abergavenny


Abergavenny Back & Neck Clinic is located in a convenient location in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

With free parking on our doorstep and easy access into the clinic visiting the clinic is convenient for our patients.

Many patients travel from surrounding areas to visit us …

Whilst many of our patients live or work in Abergavenny, we have patients who travel from the surrounding areas to benefit from our high level of patient care.

These areas include: Monmouth, Brecon, Crickhowell, Pontypool, Brynmawr and Blaenavon.


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Providing High Quality Chiropractic in Abergavenny Since 2000

For safe and effective treatment of low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and many other disorders of the spine and joints.